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Practice with a non-gps drone

If you have one of the early Phantom models like the Phantom 1 or 2, I suggest flying a bunch of times before putting the gimbal on. I know it’s tempting to fly it and record your first flights, but plan on a few light crashes here and there. You definitely will not want to crash on your first few flights with that expensive gimbal attached. While the DJI lineup is extremely stable, I recommend practicing with smaller toy drones indoors without GPS (manual modes)

Drones are not toys

Understand that the Phantom is definitely NOT a toy like people refer to them as. They are very stable but are also very dangerous if flown without proper experience and or training. Do not underestimate these power of these machines. The blades are spinning at such a high speed, it can easily cut you, dent walls and damage property. Take baby steps and always fly in an open area when learning.