"We are rediscovering our world with each flight. Technology has advanced so much these past couple years that what was once impossible is now accessible to everyone. You will normally find me at a couple hundred feet with my flying tripod."

Aldryn Estacio has touched upon all aspects of the creative arts throughout his life. As a creative director, photographer, user experience design and fine-artist, Aldryn is a learner of life, and always has a strong 'make moves' mentality. You will always see him working, networking, engaging and interacting with his peers, clients and friends.

With over 15 years of design and user experience roles with interactive agencies (KPMG Digital, Cynergy, Digitaria, TreehouseSEM, Red Door, La Jolla Group) and independent consulting, Aldryn’s passion is to be surrounded by creative, innovative and motivated people. Formally trained in traditional, mobile, web, user experience and motion design with a degree in Graphic Design from San Diego State University. He has designed software applications for companies from small start ups to Fortune 15 companies.

Aldryn has been documenting people and events since the 90's. He was the one always carrying a camera, documenting the action, whether it was during the import car racing days in the 90's or his dance days in early 2000s. 

Aldryn began aerial photography and videography in 2013 when the DJI Phantom was first released. During that time, the technology only allowed users to strap a GoPro camera directly to the drone. After viewing the unique perspectives from the drone, Aldryn was hooked and never looked back. First person view (FPV) was not being used just yet, so all the photos taken were done using a time lapse mode while flying in the air. Fast forward a couple years, Aldryn is now flying advanced drones that offer HD live view from the built-in cameras. These cameras now have full manual control that can adjusted from the remote control and application.

Aldryn's work can be seen all over San Diego throughout many business, heath care offices and even on TV. Aldryn's aerial videography has been used for the past two years on the CW 6 San Diego news bumpers and intros. Last year, Aldryn's pieces were recognized by the Coronado History Museum for capturing the 80 year old SS Monte Carlo when it resurfaced during the El Nino storms. Recently, Aldryn was 1 of 3 artists to be awarded at the Historical Heritage Excellence Award 2017 Ceremony.  He received the award for Legendary San Diego Film-Am Aerial Drone Photography.

Some notable present and past clients Aldryn has been able to work with:
KPMG, Microsoft, Cisco, Forza, McKesson, Pimco, Genworth, OpenTV, San Diego Chargers, Adidas, Qualcomm, World Poker Tour, Gateway, Comcast, Cobra Golf, Ladainian Tomlinson, Jabbawockeez, Callaway Golf, Cleveland Browns and Taylormade.

Header photo courtesy of Laurie Rubin

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 Featured Speaker at the DJI Store Grand Opening in San Diego, CA

Featured Speaker at the DJI Store Grand Opening in San Diego, CA

 Featured Speaker at the DJI Store Grand Opening in San Diego, CA

Featured Speaker at the DJI Store Grand Opening in San Diego, CA


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