How do you use a tablet with your DJI Mavic Pro. Super excited to use a full size screen with the Mavic Pro, the same way we've been using it for the Phantom lineup. MavMount sent me their latest product to review. Below are a list of pros and cons after a couple weeks of using the product. 


Where can I get these products?

Mavmount: (use promo code flytpath)
DJI Mavic Pro Drone:
Video shot on: Canon G7XMII -




• It's well built and solid. This isn't a cheap 3D printed piece of hardware that can bend or break. The MavMount is high quality CNC milled aluminum.
•  Comes anodized in different colors
• Can be used with all types of tablets like iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and Air 2, Nvidia Shield and more.
• Smooth ball joint for easy positioning to multiple angles.
• Does not affect antenna positioning
• Plenty of room for large hands to fit under the tablet to comfortably control the sticks
• Slots in the plate to put your cable through.



• This is a new product and because the quality of the material is high, the price also reflects that. The current price ranges between 57.00-74.99
• No clear slot or hole to hook up a lanyard. 
• Size. The mount is not small so your bag will need to be able to accommodate the size.