Since the release of the DJI OSMO, everyone has been waiting for new cases to surface that will protect this large investment. Nanuk (Plasticase) have been around for a while and I do like the look, build and colors of their cases. When I was given the option to review one of these cases, naturally I went bold with the bright orange case.

Nanuk cases are sold through so check their site for the most up to date prices. This case currently sells for $99.95 (As of January 31, 2016) My case came with a padlock and shoulder strap which may cost you extra. I would contact the vendor before you purchase your case to see if they are including these extra accessories.

I’ve known the Nanuk brand before because I was drawn to the design and look of their cases. They look sleek and are built really well. I believe almost all of their cases are waterproof up to a few feet deep for approx 30 minutes, have pressurized valves and keep sealed with what they call the ‘Powerclaw Latching System’. When I received this case, it came with a small lock for added security and also a really nice and thick should strap that hooks on to the corners of the case for easy carrying.

When I opened up the case for the first time, it came with all the standard documentation and detailed info about the case and foam. According to the Nanuk documentation, the case is designed to hold the DJI OSMO, 3 batteries, shoulder strap, manual, smart phone and accessories.

This case is nice, small and compact. If you are looking for a solid replacement to the factory zippered case that the OSMO came in, this is definitely an option. It’s small footprint does have its limits, but if you are looking for a case to hold the OSMO and a couple accessories, this may be for you. Like I mentioned above, one good plus with this case is that it’s not just weatherproof but waterproof up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. This would be very pleasing to those hikers or those traveling with the OSMO in the field.

I used the large top right compartment to hold my small mic system (RODE VideoMicro) and the bottom right compartment to hold my extension arm, universal mount and a couple filters. My iPhone 6 can be seen in my photos but seeing some other reviews it can hold the larger 6S phone.

I have other DJI OSMO accessories like the extension rod and tripod and these do not fit into these cavities. If you are looking at holding a lot more accessories in an ‘all-in-one’ case, there are other options currently out there like the GoProfessionalCases and SKB case. This case is made to protect and OSMO and a couple other mounts or small mic system.

The Nanuk case (14.3″ x 11.1″ x 4.7″).  Because I’m also reviewing the GoProfessionalCases case, I was able to put it side by side with the Nanuk case so you can see the size difference. The Nanuk case is the orange case and the GPC is the black case.

Yes, well kind of.

This is an interesting question because it’s obvious the OSMO cut out is custom cut to fit the OSMO camera perfectly. So does the Inspire X3 camera (white camera) fit? Yes, is does kind of fit, but it’s not supported as well like the factory OSMO camera is. The Inspire X3 (white camera) does fit into the cut out, but you will need to play with it a bit. I think will a little but of hacking to the foam, you can securely fit the Inspire X3 camera in. I’m not sure if Nanuk has made any adjustments to this yet, but with a small foam modification, it could safely hold either camera.

This case is a solid replacement for the factory case because it’s small and compact. If you want an all-in-one case to hold a lot of other accessories or plan on upgrading to the X5 camera, this case will most likely not be for you.

For some reason some of the foam cavities were sticky. I’m not sure if it was just mine but it seemed like some of the glue might have leaked into the compartments. The hard top layer foam wasn’t perfectly matched up with the softer foam below. The cut out for the OSMO is literally cut to fit exactly which means theres almost no room for wiggle. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. As I kept putting it in and out, I do wish there were a couple millimeters padding around to make it a little easier of a process.

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