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The New DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is released

So the newly updated DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is announced. Let's get straight to the point with the main differences between the Mavic Pro and Platinum.

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What are the main differences between the Mavic Pro Platinum and Mavic Pro?

  • The maximum flight time of the Mavic Pro Platinum is extended to 30 minutes and the maximum hovering time is 27 minutes.
  • The decibel level is reduced by 4 dB (60% reduction) when it is within 1 m from the aircraft.
  • The Mavic Pro Platinum inherits all the functions of the Mavic Pro.

So why didn't they upgrade the camera? Well in my opinion, they still want and need to keep the platforms separate. Higher-end prosumer drones like the Phantom 4 Adv / Pro and Inspire 2 offer the 1 inch sensor. The size of the gimbal and camera simply wouldn't fit with the current Mavic design and build. I do think it will head in that direction next year, but this update reminds me of the iPhone and iPhone S versions. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 


The original Mavic Pro is almost perfect (for the size). It's an absolute beast packed into a small package. I do want to take a closer look to see if they did anything with the gimbal. The flimsiness of the Mavic gimbal is always concerning. So if they didn't update the camera, I would hope they at least reimagined the gimbal but I don't think they did. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.10.14 AM.png

If I already have a Mavic, is it worth upgrading?

I think if you have a Mavic already, you should be able to answer that question. And I say that because everyone's usage is different. I use my Mavic like a work horse and it's my go to drone, so I personally think it could be worth it. But if you aren't too serious and only fly occasionally, this is most likely an update you can skip. Drones are just flying cameras and simply a tool. Just like a DSLR, if you don't bother to use it for it's full potential, then don't bother. 


Wow, it's quieter!!! Is that a big deal?

If you fly a lot, YES!!!! It's a HUGE deal. I recently flew in Cabo San Lucas at the beach and can barely hear my Mavic Pro. At the same time, a Phantom 4 flyer was flying at the same down way down the beach shooting a wedding. I could hear his Phantom from all the way down the beach and I could barely hear my Mavic which was right in front of me. So the quieter, the better in my opinion and it definitely does make a big difference in public. 

My conclusion?

If you were in the market for a Mavic, then you scored with this update. You are now getting a fine tuned machine that has been through the ringer for the past year and this new one most likely address all the small issues the Mavic Pro originally had. 

If you currently have a Mavic and are thinking about upgrading, only you will know if it's worth it. Don't upgrade just to get the new shiny piece of tech. I'd say upgrade if you really understand the benefits and you are a true user of the product and see the benefits of the battery life and noise reduction.

If you are in the market for a Mavic, you can score the original Mavic Pro for a discount. I'm sure lots of people will off load their current Mavics to upgrade so swoop in on these deals. If you can get a Mavic Pro for a couple hundred off, then you've scored a hell of a deal. 


Hope this helps everyone. For more info on the Mavic Pro Platinum, click here. 

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