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Coronado Historic Museum

Very honored that my SS Monte Carlo photos were accepted into the Coronado Historic Museum last year. Today, I find out that they will not only be displayed, but the historic museum is now designating a space for my photography. My display will be up at the end of May 2018. Check out for more information.


80 yr old SS Monte Carlo comes back to life after 80 years off of Coronado Beach, CA. The SS Monte Carlo was a concrete ship launched in 1921 as the oil tanker SS McKittrick. In 1936 she became a gambling and prostitution ship operating in international waters off the coast of Coronado, California.

I was able to be the first to document this hidden gem from above as it resurfaced in San Diego a couple years ago. The shipwreck sits on the shoreline of Coronado Beach California. The ship was launched in 1921 and due to storms in 1937, the ships anchor lost its hold and drifted on the beach.


There’s believed to still be treasure remaining in wreckage. The ship is normally buried below the sand but the recent El Niño storms have now exposed the top layer. Seeing this in person and from above feels surreal and something out of a movie.


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This 5 foot acrylic of the Coronado bridge looks amazing. The acrylics looks has so much depth and vibrancy.