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3 Quick Tips to Maximize your DJI Osmo Pocket

Although the pocket is meant to be small and portable, I've been able to use a few accessories to really maximize the possibilities of the DJI Osmo Pocket. A variety of brackets and mounts help support the Pocket when shooting. Using a slider with face tracking allows you to achieve more dynamic shots with parallax and motion. The Rode Wireless GO frees from you from the Osmo Pocket, giving you the ability to stand away from the camera and still get quality audio.


DJI Osmo Pocket:
Rode Wireless Go:
Telesin Selfie Stick:
PGYTECH Osmo Pocket Bracket:
Ulanzi Osmo Pocket Base:
Ulanzi Osmo Pocket Tripod Cold Shoe Mount:
Ulanzi Osmo Pocket Holder:
Promaster Monopod:
Vitopal Micro2 Professional 33cm Slider:
YC Onion Slider 12”:
JOBY Ballhead: