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Best Compact RGB light?

Boling RGB Led Video Light 2500k-8500k:

Is this the on-camera compact light currently on the market? Boling sent me this light a little while back and I've been using it non-stop. This light feels amazing in the hands because of the aluminum build and solid weight. I've seen and played with a few other compact lights, but this one by far has felt and performed the best. The attention to detail on this light is front and center. The button layout and LCD screen are intuitive with no manual required. The aluminum swivel arm made it so easy to mount in almost all situations. At a price point of around $150, I definitely would recommend this light for your studio or camera bag.

Anti-Collision Drone Strobe Light by LUME CUBE

Order the LumeCube Strobe Light here:

The new Strobe Light by Lume Cube fulfills the FAA Guidelines for anti-collision lighting. This light helps maintain line of sight of your drone during the day and especially at night. The strobe has 3 modes, 360 degree visibility and lasts over 2 hours. In this video I show you how to put on the light and also do a little distance test to show how it looks at night at over 1200 feet away.

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